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Rating games using the Judge categories just for fun


The character is fun and easy to control. The parkour mechanics were easy to understand at a glance and very original. I would have liked the fall damage to not be this punishing however. I can barely fall a height slightly higher than my jump without taking damage, and that quickly became frustrating, to the point where I had to call it quits after too many deaths. Also, there was an inconsistency to how ledges that you can stand on looked like that made things more confusing than it needed to be

There is a lack of sound feedback on the main character that also affects the experience quite a bit.

There was plenty to do in this game just on the two first towns, and I liked the characters in general



While I think it looks cute, I feel it needs a lot more polish in the visual side. Particularly on character portraits. I also found that the text in conversations can be partially obscured by the portraits.

I was confused as to how to exit the initial house at first since there was no explanation on using the up arrow and the door shape kinda blended into the environment. This adds to the point I said before about the art inconsistency in defining what is foreground, background and interactable

Music was nice and relaxing. The dialogues were funny and charming. The lack of sound effects is very noticeable however



There is lots to do but I feel players can get frustrated fast by the gameplay issues, even if checkpoints are readily available



The idea is really original. With plenty of polish and more variety in the parkour mechanics, this could really stand out

[14/20] -> Doubled to 28

Total: 63/100 (4 Stars)