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The art is very nice, as is the lighting used in the maps. There's obviously a lot of care taken in the visual presentation for the game. Music is alright, too. Unfortunately, the rest of the game, while 'cute' is rather bland and there's really not much there to show what the game would or could be. Which is a pity because there's obviously a story the dev wants to tell but said story just isn't shown.

We don't learn much of anything and there's no conflict shown to peak our interest. The game ends with a "here's a character in the future don't you want to know who they are?" which would be fine if the character had anything interesting about them - they're not shown doing anything or saying anything of interest. 

What gameplay is there is very simplistic puzzles - checking spots before a timer runs out, typing in the answer to a puzzle and collecting numbers for a code (I couldn't get the sun puzzle so I just fudged the numbers since I had the other two). 

Ultimately the game is cute, but it didn't really make me want to play more of it. Man cannot play on cuteness alone~


Thank you for the feedback! You make really valid points and I agree that it's lacking in actual gameplay and story. I really wish I could've gotten more work done, I got a bit too focused on the visuals. Thanks for the video too, I really liked the voices you did ♥ 

I hope the final game will be interesting enough to get you to play it again!