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About 7 days until the release of the steam version! Woohoo! One tiny question, if we've already bought the game here, will we have to pay for the game again for the OST? Or will you distribute steam keys for those already paid for the game here for access to it? You've probably already answered this somewhere buried in the comment section but Im just curious and so excited for this game to come around full circle! 

Hi! Those who already bought the game on can get the soundtrack from harmonicblend's bandcamp, or as a DLC from Steam, for 7USD (in both places they are the same price).

Fresh players will be able to buy the game and the OST as a bundle for 20USD on Steam :]

Dont worry about asking questions that have already been answered! Let me know if you have any other inquiries!


Thanks for the quick response! I'll buy it as soon as possible! ^^