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Here are some extra things to think about.

3. Econ wins wars

Base wars is a pretty macro-heavy game (unless you're on really small maps like Bowtie) so focus on building up econ and destroying your opponent's econ. Keep in mind that micro is very important also so don't get rid of it! I used to have a saying that was "Micro wins battles. Econ wins wars" but now that the meta has developed I think a more accurate saying would be "Micro wins econ. Econ wins wars" Micro is important if you want to take out the opponent's econ! Basically, micro is important for the most important thing which is econ.

4. Build Builders

It may seem tempting to get lots of scouts since they're cheaper and generally better at fighting than builders. Keep in mind however that econ wins wars and if you don't have enough builders to use that econ then it's all effectively wasted! So build enough builders to supply your econ. Also try reinforcing the Nexus to help with the builder production (allows builders to be active on the turn they are built).