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Hi spio111,

The game is in alpha and is not well optimized in every place of the map yet and in those places require more "power" than it should. The main bottleneck of your graphic card is the v-ram (only 1gb). The game have many quality settings to choose (Ultralow, Low, Medium, High, Ultra, Cinematic), a check to play windowed and a resolution combobox. If want to buy the game, let us know it you encounter any problem, but remember that your graphic card are below our minimum specs and we can't guarantee you a smooth experience.

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From what I could play it's really good! Suffers with my old graphics card though, once it got to night the lag got much worse. I think it was night anyway (no enemies, but sky was dark and snow effect?) but the framerate became so jumpy I stopped there. I definitely want to play the survival part though, so coming back to it when I've got the PC for it!

P.S. Recommend to anyone looking at this, but yes follow the minimum specs

Hi spio111,

Thank you for appreciated our game. At 22 o'clock Claire enters into the Nightmare dimension. Save the game to tent and restart the game. Starting directly into nightmare i think you can play much better. However, as you said, minimum specs are very recommended. Continue to follow the game updates, we'll try to speed up the framerate even for old graphic cards.