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Great audio and visuals, and I like the two different game modes. I think that if I wanted to see something get improved, it'd be the 'spotting the spy' mode- maybe incorporating more interesting ways to spot them than just their movement speed. But the game is really solid, had a good time!


Yup ! We ran out of time, that's why the "spy spotting" part is just a difference of speed. Originally, the game was supposed to be a 2 player game where one of the player plays as the spy and the other one as the detective but we thought that rating a 2 player game is pretty hard as you don't always have a friend next to you. We'll try to provide some updates to the game with more interesting things to do on the spy spotting game mode :) 

Thanks for your review ! 


No problem! I think it was a great call to make it a solo friendly game.

Feel free to check our game out if you have some time!