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Wait what? How you can't get out of the dungeon? There is an elevator on the right side of the item room leading up. You can go out from there :) and there is still more to us, the game has been polished after weeks of beta testing to be sure everything works and no blocking bugs are around.  By the way it's ok :) games are about taste of course. Some people likes our game, some people not and (as requested from the contest) it's a prototype made in 1 month using a tool (RPG Maker MV) normally used for totally different games. It's been made to show the idea, the concept we have in mind if this game becomes a full release. We will probably change things in the future to polish the game mechanics and make it perfect :) your feedback is still useful because of this!

Yes, I take the elevator to go up. Then there's a room with some bookshelves and a ladder up. I take the ladder and I'm back to the entrance/exit room. But the 'gate' is still closed and I can't exit the dungeon.


Found it? :P now you're out! And watch out for the pig king!

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Wish I could cook him... Anyway, I beat the game. THANK GOD I'm done with that!
Please add key bindings. No matter what, I could not get used to them on either input device.
I had some problems with the joypad, but I assume it was the GM fault, as the controller responded flawlessly on other platforms. Turning it off/on was a temporary solution.
The shopkeepers UI looks cool but is hard to navigate. I hate it takes so long to loot coins. The shop in the pork town works like it should.
For some reason there was a third slot available in the items menu, but nothing was there. 
I hate you can't open the chest on top of the tower at the beginning.
I hate you can't heal yourself on your way back from the top to the old lady at the bottom. Can you actually do some 'tricks' with the jump/dash without taking significant amount of damage?
I hate platforms can move you. Also hate you can't jump on them from below.
I hate respawning  enemies and when they do they sometimes change their walk pattern.
I hate some enemies' AI is basically a random walk cycle which is unpredictable.
I hate enemies kill you when touched despite health bar.
I hate the pig in the jail sometimes kills you sometimes doesn't. I hate the pig near the save spot had 3 hp instead of 5.
I hate fall damage.
I hate spikes on the wall have too big hit boxes (why are they even animating?).
I hate you can't walk on the stars when escaping the prison.
I hate the 'long jump' in the dungeon.
The boss battle could be more challenging / entertaining. The boss title is kinda hard to read. Also some platforms are hard to see.
Hate it when gates don't open automatically.
Hate you can't stop reading books.
Hate you have to select 'yes'/'no' answer instead of pressing a proper button.
Hate you can save when the game tells you to.
Hate you have to re-run entire sections because of a stupid mistake.
Some things in the plot could be improved, also missed a couple of twists.
Again, fall damage! Just kill me already!
There. I'm done with my rant.

Cook the pig king? That's not a bad idea! :D let's see what we can do with the final version hahaha!

Now to your feedback: the game is a prototype and a lot of features can be polished and refined. Some things you pointed out are definitely correct, others are more "personal" but we will definitely improve everything when we have more time to do that instead of rushing for a contest :D

Actually your feedback is really helpful because it's clear you played all the demo despite the difficulty and all those things you don't like. Final result? Maybe the game has its faults but you played it all until the end :) it's something good after all, isn't it?

Thank you again for playing the full demo and please give us the chance to show you the final project with everything fixed and polished!
Deal? :)