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Glad you liked it. I hope you played through with a couple different characters.  Never ran into the escape bug you found, but I'll look into it if I continue the game.  Current goal is to  create a larger pool of mazes  and maybe even some more characters with different skills so each playthrough can be as unique as possible. I never considered an online leader board or anything like that. Not sure how appropriate that would be since the final score relies heavily on RNG (The game isn't joking about ten audience members being randomly selected for the final score).

When you say you were able to jump around everywhere with Sarena, do you mean you just jumped around alot, or were you able to jump over walls with her? 


Ahh, I see, that's cool! I played through a bit with Osiris too, but didn't make it to the end with him.

I just meant I jumped around to move because it was fun and faster than dashing, I wasn't able to get anywhere I wasn't supposed to. But I was able to easily run away from enemies.


Okay. Cool. Just wanted to make sure.  I tried to test everything, but with a game the relies so heavily on randomness,  it's not easy. Thanks again for the feedback.