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Just played the demo.  Definitely gives a nostalgia feel that you can't find in many games.  I felt like I was starting a new Chrono Trigger type adventure.  This looks promising and I can't wait to play the whole thing.  Interested to see what happens with "Marsh" (I named Boop!  Kinda looks like a little green marshmallow so I went with that heh).

Like Chrono Trigger, it would be nice if all the characters in game could be renamed just like back in the old days.  Other than that, I like the idea of the puzzles just to move the plot.  Very Final Fantasy III or Chrono Trigger or Legend of Zelda -like you know?  Have yourself five stars.


Thank you so much for playing, I'm really happy that you like it! 

Also that's a great name for him I really like it haha

I'll consider the naming thing! It sounds interesting :>