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do you think you guys could add a few features please

• able to work on the computers and open documents we can type on, maybe type about woodwork stuff. put printed papers out in a folder, then envelope and sent it off

• have a small mail box in the wall we can put the envelopes through

• able to open the fireplace and put fire in it (i haven't been successful in trying to do that if you already can)

• able to drink tea or coffee on top of the fire heater (tried it but don't think you can)

 • add a coffee machine like what's in Coffee Please by Weasel. so, you need to put a filter, beans and water in it. remember you can't be tired a the work site so some coffee could help with that.

these are a few things i'd like since i know nothing about woodwork so i'd like to feel like i'm doing something yet nothing at the same time