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Favourite guy was Mitra! I love nice, kind guys <3 plus his route and how he convinces MC that staying in their world is better than the modern world with its stress and anxiety and worry, I related to that because it's exactly what I've been feeling. Now I just need to get magically transported to another world... 

I just wish there was a way of saving Rama in Mitra's route because I want bae to be fully happy. 

Hi theknightedcat! 

Thanks for playing and giving Mitra your love! >\\\\< I'm glad to hear you could relate with Tamara and I hope, by playing, it helps alleviate the stress and worries we've been having daily :'D

Ah, I agree, I wish there's a way to save Rama without having to go to his route, but alas, his psychology wouldn't allow it >< 

Oh but here's a good news for you! Winged Ones is coming to steam! There's going to be a major grammar fix, achievement system, and trading cards later in the future when we've reached certain threshold of reviews/players!

I'm giving away steam keys so drop your email address below if you want one ~

Hey! Of course I need an excuse to replay :p

Here's my email:

YAY! Sent!
Yup, we need to reach a certain threshold to unlock trading cards on Steam so spread the love! ;)