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hey! heartbeat has been a great game so far, the designs are cute, and I feel interested in the characters! im not very far yet tho
i have a problem, however
i ended up messing up in this optional puzzle, only getting 2 out of the 4 chests, and due to my completionist attitude, or perhaps ocd more likely, i can't get over missing only two of these chests
i leave the room and the room stays the way it was before, is it supposed to do that? is there supposed to be one of those reset buttons nearby?


Hi! We're happy you're enjoying the game so far!

This is the only puzzle in the game that has no reset button - once you start it, theres no going back. They're not important items anyway, the chests that you're missing only had a Familiar Perfume (+50 Beat recovery item), and a Sugar Bun (+50 Pulse recovery item) in them.