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Hi! Yes. I used e-on VUE to create each of the scenes, animate the creature models, character sprites and then brought it all into Photoshop to make the sprite sheets, tiles and composite backgrounds for each level area. It's a similar technique to how the level areas of the first Resident Evil games were produced. I liked the idea of the player walking across the pages of a story book, so each and every screen in the game is its own separate image, aside from the tile maps. Thanks! I'm actually playing your Rogue vs Evil right now in my browser. It's awesome fun! I left a review for you. My next project is a retro brawler rpg, so I'm looking forward to getting back to basics with some sweet pixel art this time around. Your enemy sprites are really nice. Cheers!

It must have taken a long time to get all those details right! There's so many content in every scene..

Thanks for playing Rogue vs Evil :-)

Thanks for making it!