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This game is just so deep, so amazing, so... just, wow. I started out really wanting to RP with an old friend--a feeling I really get--and then... I got SO invested in Cherry. Sendaria started out as someone I flattened my eyes at and wanted to just... mellow out... and then she reminded me of so many friends I knew that I really wanted to help make things better for... ahh all of the characters are great, and as a gal who would have had far too much gender dysphoria to rp in a setting like Terranova as a teen, being a part of it now was really something special.

Thank you for this game.



(I've been rambling about this everywhere, so you know this, but I also want anyone thinking "should I get this game?" to see this and buy it. BUY THIS GAME.)

I've been meaning to respond to your comment for a while now, but ahhh thank you so much for your overflowing love and support for our game.

It means SO MUCH to Mabbees and I. <3 I really have no words for how grateful we are. Thank you.