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As always, nice progress, man! Best of luck to you as well!


Thanks, I appreciate the support :)


Do you have a version up that can be played?  Hopefully I can give some time.  Also, would be great if you played my game,  So far it looks like you are making great progress.  I have two boss fights I need to put together, the final boss and a boss for my circus level.  Hopefully can get one done today.  Almost have it completed so you can get to the final boss level.

I only have the old versions, from like 2 weeks ago, up at the moment. I'm finishing up the competition version today. I'll shoot ya another message once I have it uploaded. I'll certainly take a look at your game though :)


Thanks a lot. I want to complete the final boss fight today and will see if I have time to include the other boss fight.

No problem. I also appreciate you being willing to play my game too :)

It's up man :)


Dang the download is massive.

Well you get a complete soundtrack and the game has a LOT of content for how short it is. You could replay it 2 or 3 times and see something new almost every time if you wanted.


I don't play tactics games so I had no idea what to do.  I love the music.  I really needed a controls somewhere.  Also, it took me a while to figure out that x closed out the menu options, these might be common controls for this type of game but I had no idea.  The game has a very polished feel to it.  Sadly, if I can't figure out how to play it, it won't mean much.  Did I miss a page that had controls?  Also, the load screen with the IGMC 2018 logo is just a tad long.  I might try to play it again tomorrow, but at this time I need to update some stuff in my game and go to sleep.

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Ah, the game does explain the controls but it sounds like you hit x, which skips the explanation that early in. If you are stuck, just open up the game's Read Me file and it has all the controls listed there for your convenience. I tried to make it as clear as possible for how to play because I know most people are used to how RPG Maker games control. Believe me, this has been a common issue lol.

Edit:  You can also play the whole game with Keyboard and Mouse by the way, very much recommend this.

I'm glad you enjoy the music and thank you so much for saying the game has a polished feeling to it. Means a lot :) Strange that you think the IGMC 2018 logo sits around a little too long, it is timed to be the same as the rest. However, that is hiding some loading for stuff, so maybe that caused a hiccup. I'll mess with that some tomorrow if I have time.

Thanks again for the feedback and I hope you'll consider giving the game another shot once you have had a chance to rest some :)