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the second level above the the one with the secret switch seems impossible to do - its the one with two moving platforms either side of the player and a tiny platform to land on in the middle.

problem is the character doesnt jump high enough to land on the platform ... ive been trying for about an hour and it just cant be done ( with or without dash ) 

is this a fault ?


Hey there :) thanks for playing our game! No, it's definitely possible :P just remember you can jump, dash, pick up items and use them as platform too! Also if you let yourself fall down without jumping immediately, you can jump and dash mid-air ;) good luck!

hi , thank you ! it wasnt obvious to me that there was a ladder either side - doh !

another question if you dont mind ... ive gone back down to the shop to buy the strange meat but when i buy it my hp doesnt go up ? its stays at 17 .

tried doing it a few times with the same result

am i doing something wrong ? (again !)


No problem! You have to use the meat of course :D open the game menu with START and you will find your items ready to use!

damn , thought it did it automatically ! that makes sense now ...

Always ready to help you bigjus! Hope you're enjoying the game! Good adventures ;)