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New version incoming, pending a little more bug testing.

Some of the new features include:

Fixed Bugs from previous version (obviously).

Dynamic Dialogue project: Pregnancy  is up and going. Have full conversations with your pregnant slaves for small stat boosts daily.

Tracked Semen: Semen is tracked per slave per 4 types (vagina, ass, face, and body). Ties into other game mechanics like pregnancy, bath rules, etc (but opens options for a lot more changes).

2 new Mansion jobs, Breeder and Breeding Livestock. Breeders (Male or Futa) inseminate Breeding Livestock. Functions correctly on my testing, but I feel like there can easily by hidden bugs on this one. Let me know if ya find any. In the future, I'm debating making the jobs available after an upgrade at the mansion instead of automatically available, but leaving it this was for testing purposes for now.

Hidden (for now) humiliation stat that tracks how Humiliated a slave is getting per the actions you are making him/her do. Heals slowly based on room, but will eventually cause a mental break towards either the mental degradation trait line or the Sex Broken trait line (instead of the generic "sex-crazed" break atm).

A couple more little things, but those are some of the bigger new features. Going to post it after I run it through the paces.