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Yes, I knew already from discord :)

I did not think that someone would like the way I write...thank you so much for saying this :)

I write the same way in my language ( with probably less grammar issues though.)

I do like to go straight to the point for everything in life, that is just how I am.

I have not gone to any beaches for a long time already but I did love to go when there were not many people :)

What kind of extreme descriptions?

For the grammar I did what I could, I think it is understandable enough for anyone to read unless...:D

Yes, for the cafe I wanted to make a kind of funny moment, I am glad it worked :)

Yeah, I did love those summers despite some unwanted events happening sometimes, it was way better than being home.

For the endings i wrote you a wall on discord, I hope that is ok :D

but yes, saying something before it is too late is a lesson to take, one I learned the hard way.