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Read this yesterday, hehe. You already know my initial thoughts :D

Now for the rest of them:

I actually like the writing and how everything is straight to the point, it makes the plot really clear! There aren't any extreme descriptions, which I see a lot in other games and deters me from reading. So looking past the grammar, the writing was amazing in my opinion :D I liked the funny moments too between the characters, like when they went to the cafe lol

On a side note, I love looking at crabs too XD, I pick them up and stack them sometimes. The beach setting was very nicely done and I think it's cool you got to go there during the summers!

Spoilers maybe(?):

As for the endings... I love both of them for what they are meant to be. Admitting your feelings to someone can be really hard, but it's even worse when you're never going to see that person again. I think it's a good lesson for anyone to say something before it's too late. Thank you for sharing the story and I hope you're doing well now :D

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Yes, I knew already from discord :)

I did not think that someone would like the way I write...thank you so much for saying this :)

I write the same way in my language ( with probably less grammar issues though.)

I do like to go straight to the point for everything in life, that is just how I am.

I have not gone to any beaches for a long time already but I did love to go when there were not many people :)

What kind of extreme descriptions?

For the grammar I did what I could, I think it is understandable enough for anyone to read unless...:D

Yes, for the cafe I wanted to make a kind of funny moment, I am glad it worked :)

Yeah, I did love those summers despite some unwanted events happening sometimes, it was way better than being home.

For the endings i wrote you a wall on discord, I hope that is ok :D

but yes, saying something before it is too late is a lesson to take, one I learned the hard way.