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You have a really interesting project going on!
Despite borrowing mechanics from FNAF like games, you actually manage to implement these in a better way. The difficulty is just right, only requiring the player to pay attention to the environment rather than depending only on annoying audio queues. The jumpscare is creepy and not as obnoxious as in most games with the same kind of mechanics. That's something that isn't easy to pull off, but you actually managed to do it!
Story wise, it is enough to evoke curiosity. It is an early build of the game, so I get why there isn't much. Regardless, I'm curious to know what's going on with the toys and the baby etc.
The aesthetics and the art direction is top notch! Not only the setting is immersive, but the fidelity of the textures and materials is amazing. The post processing is adding even more to the scene, especially the DOF effect. On top of all of that, the game runs without any problems too!
I totally enjoyed the game! It is awesome to see that indie game devs are putting effort into their projects.
I wish you the best!!