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Er... Well, regarding the Legendary Birds, I've now encountered all three, made one faint, and caught one. The one I caught was Moltres, the one who fainted was Articuno, and the one who still escapes me is Zapdos. Hope it's possible to try again with Articuno, otherwise I'll be severely disappointed in myself...

There are the routes where I encountered each Bird, for the benefit of those who have yet to catch the Birds themselves.

Zapdos: Route 15, Route 14 (Somewhat of a rare encounter, took about 10-20 min before I would see it again.)

Articuno: Route 2 (was actually a somewhat common encounter here, with me visiting the pokemon center immediately after each failure)

Moltres: Route 2 (Took about 10 min to catch after I first saw it. Luck. I have it.)