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This game is pretty good. I didn't really find any problems that were too concerning. I don't know why people complained about the cutscenes and the combat appering to be inconsistant. Yes your hovership flew in the transistions and I do feel like this is easily rectified. Once the power cell is destroyed then spawn in some kind of "launchpad" so it doesn't feel like the hovership is flying. Then players can collect the orbs first before proceeding further into the level. Also, I don't see why people complained about the platforms just being in the void that it feels like you are not making any sort of progress in the game because to me and from what I have read about the game, it is more of a twin-stick wave survival game where progession doesn't really matter. You get better each time you play with seems like enough progession to me and once you have beat a level, there is a boss fight so I don't understand why people are fustrated about this.

The problem I had mostly was with the transistion from isotropic view (or top-down view which many people seem to call it) to the 3rd person view. That did seem strange that it would suddenly change drastically and the boss seems easy to kill especially with the lazer line ability.

I do have an improvement to the game as the AI and the enemies in general seemed way to easy to destroy. Have it so that they keep spawning until the player had destoryed the power cell because you can really just sit in a corner and blast the enemies and there didn't really feel like there was much of a challenge. Either that or add some kind of endless mode where you can progress but the enemies just keep respawning until the power cell is destroyed.

I go more in depth in my video about the problems I had with the game but other than that, the game ran smooth and felt exactly what you seemed to be going for and even though it is "minimalistic" doesn't mean that it is bad. You just need to tweak the mechanics a bit so that everything seems consistant thoughout. 

Thanks for playing! Sorry I didn't see this sooner. The demo difficulty is intentionally a little easier and there are around 6 or 7 other enemy types that do not appear in the first level but will appear in levels 2 and 3. You did find a bug with the laser line which has since been fixed. It wasn't putting a delay on how much it can damage the boss, so it just damaged the boss multiple times per second, instead of a few times over a few seconds. I also did add a "teleport" option for traveling between rooms. So for those that don't like the flying between rooms and the time it takes, there is a setting that when it's enabled, you will just be teleported between rooms. Thanks for playing and taking the time to make a video! It's extremely helpful to see playthroughs so I can get good indicators where there might be confusion and things like that!