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I downloaded this game a while back it seems but never moved it into my games library (which is strange but I found recently; not that uncommon). When I did get to find it and move it however once I played the game I really enjoyed it. I love how the relationship between protagonist and Juliet goes so far (though I've only gone down one set of decisions as of yet). I am quite interested in the story, throughout playing I loved seeing Juliet and the protagonist's reactions to different things, I would love to see more of Juliet's adorableness and would like to see the both of them realise they like each other (if they haven't already). The art is very cute and I especially love Juliet's character sprite (mostly her hair--I'm not entirely sure why; I know that's strange--and I wish she had a flustered expression but I suppose I can do without). While the backgrounds were just the classic filtered photographs, they still look good and more unique in setting than I've seen in most others (the small British-ish or Irish-ish town look (sorry for my little library of what to call the look)), it still would be nice to see drawn backgrounds: some of my favourite visual novel and like games have filtered photo backgrounds and they work pretty well (Butterfly Soup and Sunday at the Memories to name the ones off the top of my head). I wouldn't particularly care if the backgrounds change if the game comes out, yes drawn or rendered backgrounds would be nice but I'd much rather have the game. Though it seems this is just over a year old and I've seen quite a few yuri projects never get finished so I hope this one doesn't get dropped or forgotten about. I know it's only been a year--more accurately roughly seven months according to it's update information (I'm bad at math so don't quote me on that one)--and that the ones that are definitely abandoned are usually one to two years older than this one but I haven't seen any recent updates (though I didn't exactly follow it until now) and that is... worrying as to it's fate.

I'm glad this game exists, it's cute and I love the blooming relationship (pardon the pun) between Juliet and the protagonist. I would love to see more and would pay for the full game if--and hopefully when--released. Though even if this isn't ever finished; it's still a good game and we can imagine and think about what may happen after the demo's run.

Anyways; I hope the best for this game and I really want it to go under (I know I say that a lot but I always mean it: I love yuri and there really needs to be more long or just finished yuri games). Thank you for reading this unnecessarily long and rambling comment and especially much to JinxTheCupcake and whoever else involved for making this adorable adventure even if it's never finished.