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1/ Add a story

2/ Add some optionnal tutorials, how to move, attack, use skills, items ; how to craft tech ; how to use skill points, etc etc.

3/ I want to lvl up before the next battle, but I can't :c

4/ In the chapter 3, the 3 bots on the top of the mountain don't move at all if you are far away from them, that makes the fight much easier because you can stay near the house and kill them later. So it would be better if they can chase us from far away.

5/ Discord Server :D

6/ I'm sad, there's no hit-chance bonus when you strike from behind :c

7/ It's only my opinion but I would make the battle-masters slower (and boost the meditation effect).

Hey thanks for the feedback!

1 and 2: Definitely on my list to add.

3: Can you elaborate on this? On the world map, if you go into the Party screen, you can use the arrow keys to level up stats and skills. Or are you saying that it is not letting you?

4: This is by design to encourage careful movement. If all units are active to begin with it usually becomes unmanageable, but as you say, if it swings too hard in the other way and is too easy, I can look to see if I can get some sort of middle ground.

5: Haha I'll try to get that setup eventually.

6.: Can you confirm this? Side attacks should get a +5% bonus and back attacks are +10% bonus.

7: I'll take a look at it, I'm always fiddling with the numbers.