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Hi there! I played it on mobile. Performance looks good! Althought is not the best to play with touch.

I got stucked after i defeat the first zombie. Im front of a house. In the left theres a girl layed down. In the right where the zombie are there other girl layed down. I trie open doors etc but nothing changes. Maybe the a button to press only in the pc?

You need to loot the body. However.... This should happen automatically. 
I'll look into this right away, thanks.

I see what happened... The zombie doesn't drop the item that is required to trigger the completion. 
I am fixing this right away. Thanks for letting me know.

ok! I will try again later!

Cool I have fixed the bug :) And tested it properly as well this time :p
I'll send you a cheat code in your inbox if you like. It will give you a gun and some ammo, which you normally get at the end of the 3rd battle ground. 

As a kind thank you for your feedback.

Ps. I don't see a way to DM you here, but I noticed you follow me on facebook, I'll send you the cheat code there.