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Thanks for checking it out. Some reasonable points here, I'll certainly look at tweaking the movement settings a bit to get it to feel a little lighter. There isn't any verticality for the top down stuff because of the twin stick controls but there is the speed burst/dodge ability that I think would have helped you out immensely. 

I tried out the speed boost a couple times and felt like the increase in mobility was marginal at best, but I never knew about a dodge ability. Is that a random pickup or an innate ability of all ships that I just completely missed?


The movement is definitely very momentum based, even with the speed burst which is supposed to be used for dodging. But that speed boost should be a big part of your mobility advantages over the enemies. But it's good feedback, I've definitely got some things to tweak to balance things out a bit better. This is why I released a demo now while there is still time to make tweaks like this