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(Disclaimer: I was pretty hard on the game, but I think here is a lot good here! Just some improvements to be made!)

Hey there! I got your email this morning and was pretty enthralled by the gifs and screenshots. However once I dug into it a little deeper it felt like there were some pretty jarring inconsistencies with the movement system between cutscene and combat. I wanted nothing more than to be able to jump throughout my playtime and the fact that the ships can fly when out of our control made it even more frustrating. The level continuity felt nonexistent, all of the sections were just platforms in a void, which lent to a minimal feeling of any kind of progression, and the fact that the boss fight uses a behind the back camera with some verticality to the aim, as opposed to the top-down twin-stick design of the rest is a little baffling. The art and music are amazing, and I'm only being so hard on this due to how awesome I think it could be, but in its current state it just feels a little too clunky, slow, disconnected and unfocused. 

Thanks for checking it out. Some reasonable points here, I'll certainly look at tweaking the movement settings a bit to get it to feel a little lighter. There isn't any verticality for the top down stuff because of the twin stick controls but there is the speed burst/dodge ability that I think would have helped you out immensely. 

I tried out the speed boost a couple times and felt like the increase in mobility was marginal at best, but I never knew about a dodge ability. Is that a random pickup or an innate ability of all ships that I just completely missed?


The movement is definitely very momentum based, even with the speed burst which is supposed to be used for dodging. But that speed boost should be a big part of your mobility advantages over the enemies. But it's good feedback, I've definitely got some things to tweak to balance things out a bit better. This is why I released a demo now while there is still time to make tweaks like this