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Review: Short, sweet, and simple. For a first solo indie game, this is pretty solid. I enjoyed how this was so clearly created by you with all the quirky observations and comments. The game was so short, it's hard to have any complaints other than "it'd be cool to see more variety and/or content" but in reality the simplicity and brevity is a big part of what makes it enjoyable. The (2?) music tracks were fitting, especially during the dramatic quiz.

I wish I had more to say :P


- in the first version (so maybe you fixed this) I stood with my eyes inside the glasses, walked away, walked back in, and then I couldn't move or pause and I was indefinitely stuck in place
- at the end, the (Source) says "Do you my self awareness impressive, yes?" but I think you meant "You find my self awareness impressive, yes?" or "Do you find my self awareness impressive?"
- not really a bug, and probably just the engine, but I do think it's funny how the game boots up with 340MB of ram and then fluctuates from that to ~100 MB seemingly randomly. but even my dated non-gaming laptop had 0 lag when playing, so it wasn't an issue at all

I look forward to whatever you make in the future!