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Hi! I really like the game and was able to play up until the *SPOILERS* part where you have to walk up to the monster-mom and talk to her and she calls you disgusting and stuff, then the screen flashes into red "die"s everywhere--the game crashes for me every time at this spot. I looked at the walkthrough and saw that I would have gotten the true/good ending and was wondering if you could tell me what happened when you get that ending because I would really like some closure!! (I legit just look and check everywhere to take/steal everything I can in every RPG Maker game I play so I took Mya's bandage without knowing it would give me the true/good ending.) Thank you so much if you can tell me what the ending would be, and thank you for making the game regardless, it was very fun even though horror games scare the shit outta me! :)

oh no! im so sorry to hear that :< im not sure what could be causing that? youre the first to report this happening so im not sure what to do @_@ have you tried doing that part not in fullscreen? (or if it wasnt, maybe try it in fullscreen?)

ah if you check flareblitzedyt 's youtube he actually did a full playthrough and did a video with all the endings! (though you sadly cant hear the ending credits song which is voice acted) theres also another person on youtube who is doing a playthrough bt im not sure theyre done or if theyre planning on doing all the endings but its noncommentary. her youtube is  cristi nicola

im also planning on doing a play through soon as well, so that should be up very soon

im really glad you liked what you played so far and i hope you can get it working ;3;