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As others have mentioned, I'm hoping Valheim in its final form will avoid becoming just another survival-by-tedious-micro-managing-resources.  I appreciate that the Steam version will be richer, but I hope it's richer by expanding upon what's already here in the alpha.  Time will tell, and I remain hopeful.  Now, here's my notes and requests:

  1.   I'd love to see a few more weather-resistant wooden building materials like the stockade walls, things like stairs, floors, rails, beams.  Being able to build bridges, docks, etc. would be great! 
  2. I don't know how the final cold mechanic is going to work.  My fear is that it'll just be a common health drain.  Ok, maybe it knocks off a few health points in a night, more if you're also wet, but how about if its immediate effect was to slow down all movement a bit?   It would mean that the cold could be lethal by making combat or fleeing much more difficult, guiding a raft or ship much more onerous and challenging.
  3. I love the workings of the mighty Hoe!  A very novel approach to digging in a video game.
  4. I love the way swimming is possible, but needs to be brief in the icy waters.
  5. I like that I can build a cooking fire on a wooden floor. 
  6. I like the perils of cutting down trees and cutting up logs.  
  7. When the Every-game-should-be-PvP crowd begin whining about how Valheim isn't PvP, ignore them, please.  I love that Valheim is PvE.

Thanks for this awesome alpha.  It's nice to know that whatever the final Valheim becomes, I'll always have this game to enjoy.  And yes, I'll check y'all out on Discord.  ;)


Will do my best :P