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My statement stands as a reminder for overdoing and changing a already wonderful game (over time).

Like other survival games are ruining themselves with too much content and changing/overdoing the hole theme, this should not happen to Valheim.

I have nothing against a new version (don't like Steam and EA, hope there will be an independend private server without a steam account aproval/requirement).

Akitake and Dvoid...youre doing a good Job!

The EA tag is used in our case because the game will not be feature complete yet, in that, you won't be able to "complete" the game so-to-say.
As far as a solution without Steam, it isn't really planned, as it's tightly intertwined with the game's networking code now. And if the community were to make it work, it would be considered as piracy, since the game wouldn't have to be bought anymore.

Best regards,   
Akitake - Beta tester, Subreddit Manager, Discord Moderator

If it is a steam game, it will be pirated in at least 2 hours after releasing an update officially. (which is good promotion)

I hope you are still thinking of an alternate path too, like GOG or an physical copy (Limited Edition).

Another way to earn money! Steam is overrated!

It's not even "if it's", it IS going to be a Steam game.

Like I said, no alternate path is planned right now.

Best regards,   
Akitake - Beta tester, Subreddit Manager, Discord Moderator

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Then it IS going to be pirated anyway! (no additional drm could change this)

And i should tell you again: If you would try to think out of the box: Maybe there is a better alternative

to gain your hard earned money. (Minecraft and many New Retrogames did it) . Promote that oppinion, it could change your success!