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Hey! Love and apreciate all your awesome videos and all the feedback you've given me! Really glad you've enjoyed the game this much so far. Completely agree with your decision to hold off on more videos til final release. There should be a bunch interesting new content for you to get excited about again aswell by then!

I had to take a slight break so took my time to reply to this. Sorry about that.

I'll reply to the specific stuff now:

1. Double event bug. Yeah that's both good and extremely annoying. I will actually look into that right now.
2. Ship themes will take a bit of graphics work time from me. Which I can't prioritize before finishing the story and fixing the final bugs. But I do want the same stuff and will try to get it done as soon as possible.
3. Multiple save files will be in the next update. 

Thanks again, Cyberwolf! :)