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Feel like I should post the review here as well

So far I've played about 30 minutes of it and I'm having fun so far. 

I'll state my pro's and con's


- The game has a fantastic atmosphere about it that both urges me to keep going but also to be cautious so that's well done: 

- Quite entertaining to play

- Music is pretty well done (Although it cuts out after a few encounters with NPC's ) 

- Character designs are both creepy and well designed. 


- For some reason can't seem to load my game after saving at the fire pits. 

- Game Crashed when trying to enter that fish mouth Gate. 

- Even with the map getting lost is easy (Then again that might be the point. 


The game is fun to play however those issues I've mentioned before prevent me from giving it a perfect score. 

In my opinion this team does deserve a few bucks from me. 

I would love to see how this Game develops in the future.