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I don't think the Whispers goal is to kill Caelan, it's more like take over his body and mind and use it for there selves/itself.


Yeah by now, if the Whisper's goal was to kill Caelan, that could have been done by now. The degree of paranoia and manipulation it was able to get away with earlier on could have easily put him into a life threatening situation. The Whisper seems more hellbent on using Caelan to achieve its own mysterious goals. Whether that would be through control or manipulation we're yet to fully understand, but it's apparent that the Whisper is getting desperate due to Caelans growing confidence in this new strange world. I'm curious to see how it escalates things in the future  what kind of trump cards it has yet to pull.


Well at least we found out that Ranok couldn't wake Caelan when the Ominous Whisper has him. 

Caelan got PTSD from Lavender. Wish I could smell some fresh lavender. 

I'm curious to see what Caelan's job is gonna be. I've been thinking it might be: Server at the Tavern, maybe a Noble see's him and hires him to be a Cleaner or take under their wing to learn some craft, a translator was my top before this build. He better not be a prostitute Kael_Tiger I swear, he better not be. 

How many times did they get into an argument in this Build anyways, I lost count.

There were so many new backgrounds, CG's and Sprites.

If I remember correctly there were 5 new backgrounds,  at least 1 new CG and 6 new characters and a new face for Ranok. Man no wonder it took almost 3 months.