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"They're coming to get you Barbara....They're coming for you, Barbara!"

...we found Johnny


(The below video is a walkthrough with roleplay commentary. Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel if you enjoy it and want to see more) 

Obviously a Romero fan! I hope you enjoyed it. An interesting concept for you YT channel. Thanks for playing. If you have time please consider leaving the game a review. It really helps. Many thanks. 

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Thank you for the reply and thank you for making the game. I see you have a real talent and hope you continue to develop the game.  

For me, the lack of information/hand-holding was welcomed and I felt there was a nice balance in puzzle solving and progression in the game. As with zombies, continue to make the threat real in the game and not just a noise that is never a real threat. 

One minor inconsistency was the screw driver that simply appeared the next day. Story wise it would appear you barricaded yourself in and should be able to get yourself out at anytime. It could be you start off with the screwdriver and can even unscrew the door but upon peeking out the door you see a zombie and if you go out you die but if you sleep and awake up the next day you see the zombie is gone and able to venture out (creating more tension because you know it was there and it will get you). Just a thought. 

Either way please keep up the great work as I look forward to playing more of this and other games from you.