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I think my main complaint about the demo, understanding it's a prealpha, is the moving experience. It's really difficult to tell where the tiles are and where it's possible for myself and enemies to move to. It could be a toggle on and off so that it doesn't interfere with the visual of the scenes. But really, gameplay is paramount in a game, and I find this difficult to navigate from a UX perspective. Same with the world map to a certain extent, it's really unclear how I should be exploring the world in order to get to the target. This might be resolved with a tutorial, but really each element should speak for itself and be easy to navigate without explicit instruction imo.


Really good feedback, and thanks for taking the time to share. We’ve had the movement/tile issue on the top of our list for the next update, and will look into your comment about the map, too. Just to be clear, are you referring to the main map with the big smoke cloud on the righthand side? 

Yes, what I assume is the overworld map where you can spend crystals to return home

Noted! Thanks again.