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Nice! However, this has to be the first game I've played where the default [confirm] button is the [F] key. Being able to remap the keys was nice, though it's hard to remap them if you don't know which key selects the "remap keys" menu item. A quick "controls" blurb here or in the game may go a long way.

That might be a good thing to take into account! Maybe that's why it seems like few have played this, they can't even start it XD

But if you have played any of my games, they all use the F key ^^


Oh, right. I have played some other games of yours. I don't know why I didn't remember that. Haha! Well, once I had the controls down, it was a pretty fun game. :)

that's nice to know, at least! How far did you get?

ah, nevermind about the few players thing, it seems to be the same, it just wasn't like that yesterday ^^