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Hi, okay I'm perhaps one of the latest people to the party, but I finally played your game after wanted to do so for quite a while, actually from around those times when it only appeared on itch and I was too broke to buy it haha, well... Now I'm basically felt in love with this game. I like the design, atmosphere, characters. Actually I even made a joke while playing it that young Larry reminded me about Sid from "Hey, Arnold" and than I've read that you actually like that cartoon's design and game was kind of...inspired by it a bit? I like all the small details of this game, the time it took you to make this paintings in Larry's room that represent those scenes from Sally's dream, posters, other stuff... Also you just bought me with your music and heavy metal song xD Was it really about parasite or I was just hearing things? xD And how is it possible to be so perfect? To make not only art but also songs by your own self? Incredible, man, just incredible.

I don't really know what you fixed so sorry if I'll repeat things that you already took care of, but for me the main thing that annoyed me a little was that you can go through the sides of the scene. Like there is an end of the picture but you still can go off the screen to the left or right (depending on where you're standing). It made a few things a little bit difficult, like with sleeping pills, HOW it is even possible to know that they would be off the screen if you're not just specifically going there? Also I had the same problem with that detective on the first floor, at first I didn't even find him because I thought that it would be just another useless "going of the screen". Also wouldn't it be more easy for player to just grab the pills and than mix it with tea in inventory, than going to refill the cup to be able to put the pills in it? And while we're talking about the tea. I noticed that when you use "sleep aid" it says in inventory "tea+pills", but when you're using "old laxative" it gets a little bit confusing, because it still says just "tea" and you got the item but where is it? Also is there any possibility to know about Larry's criminal record more? Because when I was talking to Lisa she was like "Oh, you and my Larry are now friends, I'm so glad. He's troubled after all but I won't tell you why". WHY did you even made that option? And I saw that there were 2 more options like "I'll keep him out of troubles". Was there a possibility to choose one of them and know more and if there wasn't, than....WHY?!

Also if we're speaking about some things for future episodes.... SAVE OPTION would be sooooo nice to have xD I mean I'm kind of a person that sometimes gets irrationally obsessed with some small little details and I would like to know all the things the other characters can say to us (when there is a possibility to only pick one) without playing the whole game from the beginning))

You know I absolutely loved the little ghosty girl that I almost missed. She's an interesting character and I would love to see her more! But seriously, man, stopping the GHOST with closed DOOR? xD I'm just being smart picky little sh*t here I know haha. Also NOW I found out about gear boy? And that I still need to find it and some batteries? How dare you?! But at least now I will have something else to figure out in the first episode until the next one is released ^^

I think you did an amazing job with the first episode and the limited time and resources you had. The story is brilliant you gave us a lot of questions (what paranormal activity they got there, who was the real killer, what was the story behind Sally's prostatic face... I seriously hope you'll tell us the story behind the last one ) but I think it also makes it harder for you now, cause your started real high and now a lot depends on the plot. But I believe in you, man, so continue what you're doing and I hope to see the next episode soon^_^ Also I kind of want to support you on indiegogo, but then you mentioned that when your game would be on steam you'll make some additional achievements maybe and bonus pictures/icons? (what are they called?). And maaaan, you can't do this!! You can't make me decide between helping you to create new episodes sooner and small silly icons on Steam! I'm a sucker for such things! I'm a collector!!! Just like Charley!!! xD P.S. Also as I mentioned I made 2-parts letsplay on this game. Yeah, I'll just put it here and once again, good luck with your game, man!!!

Hey, wow you had a lot of thoughts! :D Thanks for writing and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the first episode!

The issue you're having with the screen seems to be a problem with the way your computer (or maybe video recording software?) is displaying the game. I can tell by your video that the game is being squashed vertically and cut off horizontally. I'm not sure why that would happen for you but it is not part of the games design. In the latest update, I did lock the ratio of the game, whereas before it allowed different ratios. If you get a chance, download the newest version and see if it looks any better for you. You can compare your playthrough versus the screenshots and game trailer to see what I'm talking about in more detail.

The inventory label for the tea + laxative, good catch on that! A small oversight I will correct. The Lisa conversation about Larry is a bit of an Easter Egg - if you select the right options you get a small hint at one of the themes in the next episode. I have been considering adding in Save Profiles for the next episode, I most likely will add them.

The Steam Trading Cards are free - so if I'm able to add them to the Steam version (which I would like to!) they won't cost anything. You collect them by playing the game. Though you do also have the option to trade or buy them from other players if you wish to.

Thanks for playing! I appreciate your feedback and support!

Well, I blab a lot xD Also as a creative person myself I know what comments do to our ego….eh…productiveness))

oh, okay, thank you, maybe just my resolution of the screen is messing with me, sorry if it was completely my mistake by the start

About old laxative I mean it's not a big deal, but if you want for your game to be perfect…

A hint? Oh, okay, I will explore that thing more then.

And about save profiles it's really good to hear!

Yeah I know, I just meant that you need to buy the game on Steam to be able to get them))

Oh, thanks for making it :)

If you make a donation on IndieGoGo, you can choose to get the Steam version for free ;) Just throwing that out there!

oh, thanks a lot for mentioning it :)