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I see great potential in this, though I only had questioned, zombie-arms bursting out of brick walls didn't feel really, Old School zombie? Was that just some crammed-in-ending, at least 'something' due to tight schedule? Or that the zombie-arm-bursting scene would be something more accurate if given 'loosely boarded windows to a dark indoors/outdoors with who knows what's behind it and BAM ZOMBIE ARMS REACHING FOR YOU'?

Thanks Neco. The arms bursting through the walls is actually an iconic scene from Day of the Dead which I was nodding to at the end of the teaser. You'll notice I also managed to get the same calendar on the wall!

Well as is expected with my ignorance of old horror movies - Feels good to be proven wrong, hah. Well, the horror movie buffs out there probably really appreciate those details and touches, as a horror-game-buff though, I'll definitely look forward for more :)

Thanks Neco.