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(Edited 2 times)

Implemented a basic bag. It now shows all the items the player has. You can then pick "PKBALL" to catch the enemy, if you're in battle.

The way I implemented this makes it easy to add different types of items in the future. Maybe I'll make a mod system where players can create their own items, if they don't mind some light coding.

CLAZZ("item.PKBALL", {
        var pkpn = this.call("getEnemy");
        this.call("addPkpn", pkpn, {
            msg: this.call("isStarter") ? 
                pkpn.data.name + ", I choose you!" :
                "You caught the " + desc.pkpn.name + "!", 

Edit: Current build: https://goo.gl/ENfMcb

Edit 2: Fixed build link above. Now shows the intro dialogue.