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So , instead of seeing the point of you being wrong, you have to backtrack, re-word your argument to make sure it still makes sense?

What kind of debate troglodyte are you ? " im wrong, so lemme rephrase this so Im not wrong anymore  " 

free is free. suggested is not by the devs, thats on Itchio's end. go find a game on Itchio that DOESNT have a suggested donation price, okay?

and stop backtracking your arguments with an eraser, lol. say what you say, and stick to it. My reasoning hasn't changed, And for the record- they did in fact work on this game. Did you think they just grabbed it out of a dumpster, slapped skaura on the cover, and called it a day? of course not, they put actuall effort into it, unlike you and your weak ass argument. 

just go away xD I', sick and tired of arguing about this to a know it all that just wants to argue until they are " right " 

the only right thing you aid was the title art is based off of the jp cardcaptor sakura game, that's it. but you werent happy with that, and have grabbed a pitchfork, lit your torch, and are about to lead a zombie army of  " metoos" into the mix, just to proove your point. 

there;s things that are far more important to complain about, wont you please mopve on to those? I get the feeling you spend you r time arguing with ppl day in and day out.  I do not. 



If you need to resort to insults and ad hominem accusations to back up your argument, then I've got nothing else to say. The record will show I've been nothing but civil through this whole exchange. Have a good day.