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Title card and character portraits are edited from the "Cardcaptor Sakura: Itsumo Sakura-chan to Issho!" Pretty convenient to have a "ask if you're the creator and we'll take it down" policy on content from a 1999 tie-in game.

I mean, if this was a free game I wouldn't have a problem, but the fact you're taking money for it changes the whole context.


LIke I told you on my youtube video, the game is FREE> F-R-E-E , no money exchange, I didn't pay, you don't have to pay, nobody has to pay.

Itchio has this on every game here, you can CHOOSE to pay if yo0u want. there is no price tag, go ahead and try it yourself. 

A bit embarassing that you went through all the trouble t point out two imgae look simialr.

in case anyone reading this is confised, this is what ember is ( tirelessly ) complaining about

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And like I already said, if it was *entirely* free it wouldn't be a problem, but there's still the donation option. Facultative or not, it's still money they're getting for content they didn't create, and arguing otherwise is nothing if not disingenuous.

As disingenuous as calling my effort to point this out "embarrassing" and relentless. Way to put on a show for everyone else reading the comments and make me look like a baseless aggressor.


it is ENTIRELY FREE> that suggested price is from itchio. you can choose ot pay nothing. how many times do i need to show you this? i even screenshotted my laptop to show you the part where it says, this is not the price, you can pay what you want, including nothing.

but you refuse to acknowledge it.

what is your problem?


And you refuse to acknowledge that "pay what you want" is not the same thing as "100% free". You can still choose to pay, and thus give them money for unoriginal content, and THAT is the heart of the issue. If they had donations disabled for this title then I'd believe in their good faith, but as it currently is I'm hard-pressed to do that.


So , instead of seeing the point of you being wrong, you have to backtrack, re-word your argument to make sure it still makes sense?

What kind of debate troglodyte are you ? " im wrong, so lemme rephrase this so Im not wrong anymore  " 

free is free. suggested is not by the devs, thats on Itchio's end. go find a game on Itchio that DOESNT have a suggested donation price, okay?

and stop backtracking your arguments with an eraser, lol. say what you say, and stick to it. My reasoning hasn't changed, And for the record- they did in fact work on this game. Did you think they just grabbed it out of a dumpster, slapped skaura on the cover, and called it a day? of course not, they put actuall effort into it, unlike you and your weak ass argument. 

just go away xD I', sick and tired of arguing about this to a know it all that just wants to argue until they are " right " 

the only right thing you aid was the title art is based off of the jp cardcaptor sakura game, that's it. but you werent happy with that, and have grabbed a pitchfork, lit your torch, and are about to lead a zombie army of  " metoos" into the mix, just to proove your point. 

there;s things that are far more important to complain about, wont you please mopve on to those? I get the feeling you spend you r time arguing with ppl day in and day out.  I do not. 



If you need to resort to insults and ad hominem accusations to back up your argument, then I've got nothing else to say. The record will show I've been nothing but civil through this whole exchange. Have a good day.


ill wait for the devs to see your ridiculous comments, and say the same thing I said to you.  have a nice day, and just stop bickering abotu this on my youtube channel. I could do with less complaining on my  comments, tyvm.


Hey there CinderBH and anyone who might be feeling confused and upset,

We here at Glamow Research feel it is neccessary that these events are addressed, discussed and obsessively debated over with highly attuned confidence regarding games and gamer content.

You are absolutely correct in recognising that there is content in Cursedom that is sourced from existing I.P . Cursedom is a world made out of recycled and ruined material found online. We included that clause just in case we had used another DIY creators assets and they recognized it - we highly encourage anyone who see's something they made themselves to contact us and ask for credits or removal. Most of the content is sourced from images that were uploaded to the internet in the 90's and 2000's.

Regarding the appropriation and remixing/recycling of old game assets from older classic I.P's; We reccomend reading about the history of remix culture and appropriation in art as well to consider the history of content created out of franchises which uses existing characters from other I.P's. There are countless artists in music, games, art and film who create using found material, the distinction between art and content theft in these cases is whether the original source as been altered enough to mean something else.

At some point the content stops being the original and becomes something else entirely - this is the case with the art you are referring too. The original source has been modified and edited, many parts entirely added on and used to represent an entirely different character. The art in the title card is not Sakura, it is PewkaShell.  Everything in the Cursedom is like this.

We would like to ask for money in developing this game further - because we are adults with bills to pay. We arent forcing you to pay for this or to play it - and if you are upset because you watched it being played on a youtube channel and have no intention of supporting the creators - where does money come into at all? If you are concerned about artists and creators who play with I.P created by others, we advise that you might want to consider avoiding the internet.

For those who wish to support Glamow Research in their quest for knowledge and powerful findings, we encourage you to follow us on twitter:

Glamow Resarch


That all sounds very self-important and "this is the reality of things, and if you don't like it you can divorce yourself from mankind", but it misses and obscures the fundamental point I was getting at. This isn't about intellectual properties or the line between parody and plagiarism or whatever other semantic debate you want to hide behind. I'm talking about:

-Taking another artist's work
-Putting some cursive editing in
-Uploading it to the internet and asking for money in return

If it was only 1 and 2, even that ultimately would be inconsequential on a grand scale, but it's 3 that changes the whole context. This isn't about who holds the copyright, it's about the individual artists who put work into what you're recycling and are completely disregarding in this whole affair. No amount of post-modern thinkpieces justify that, nor does being desperate for money. This isn't a judgement of what you're creating, it's a judgement of your attitude towards other artists' work and your business model. If your goal is to make an artistic point, you can do so without making money off recycled artwork.


The act of taking esoteric media and editing it in this case was intentional and at the core of the aesthetic and work, it is not something we intend to hide in - we are proud of it. For the sake of the debate however, we will share that in the case of this image - the dimensions, colours and pixels make this into a transformative work. The design of the character and the outfit was made before finding the source image, however the source image is not just convenient - it adds to the games design which is making an artistic statement on multiple levels in regards to the source image.

Here are the two versions side by side:

Card Captor Sakura: Itsumo Sakura-chan to Issho! Screenshot Image result for cursedom

You seem to be really stuck on the idea of money here though so lets talk about that;
We worked on this game for over a year, thousands of hours of work went into creating this - programming, audio, level design, narrative, writing and the art/technical art all take up much more of the game than a single reference to an i.p you recognized. The games price when it it stops being free will be $3 AUD - that is less than a cup of coffee. The company who produces Cardcaptor Sakura makes more money than we will ever make in our entire careers  and the original artist who created that image is not going to get any future payment from them, they were contracted and paid to create content for a franchise - they completed the brief, handed in the work and moved on onto another job.
It is quite ridiculous to dismiss our points only to stubbornly show your age and experience. Really if you don't agree with the ideas or creative intent in this work that is your problem and not ours. Collage, pastiche and post modern art practice have existed in the art and economic world for decades now and its not our job to convince you of that, you are free to disagree with it, though it is a bit embarrassing for you to assume that the creators didn't consider or research this stuff when making a game that is literally about existing content.

We will now end this conversation publicly. If you wish to continue this in private you can contact @pewkapew on twitter and she will discuss the issue with you.


Yeah.. this is 100% how I feel. And I know the rules, and remix culture ( as a vast majority of the things I make is remix culture, even my profile pics and stuff are repurposed edits ) 

I'm glad you explained all of this ( even though you didn't need to  ) There's a stark contrast between stealing and fair use, and your game is clearly not a replacement or carbon copy of the assets you have edited in your own way. 

What strikes me as odd, is I have this argument against literal asset flippers - liek on Steam; selling porn games and whatnot with literally stolen assets, art and so nobody bats an eye ( except for me ) 

And then, creative works such as your dev team's here.. this is the literal face of remix culture at it's finest, and I love every second of it.

Your world reminds me of Crypt Worlds, which also uses some remix culture of it's own. And then, let;s not forget memes exist, and are literally a mascot to represent remix culture, and it's overlal effect on media.

anywho xD thanks, and liek I said before ; can't wait to see this game get finished ^^


Your attitude towards the situation is rather dismissive of the amount of work that has gone into the game as a whole, and it ignores the fact that the reused assets in the game have been edited and transformed into something new entirely. It's not uncommon to see artists using existing art as inspiration for their own, which is what I see happening here. While there are some similarities between the original art, and the edited art in Cursedom, it has still been edited to the point that the differences outweigh those similarities, which, in my opinion, makes it justifiable to ask for donations in this scenario. This holds especially true when you think about the amount of work put into the game on the whole, even if they removed the art you pointed out, there is still an entire game there that took a lot of work to create. To close off any form of funding entirely just because of some assets that are based off existing art, would be absurd and dismissive of the rest of the work put into this game.

I think in the end, it boils down to "If you have an issue with the game, don't pay for it." The game is offered to you entirely free, and only costs money if you want to support the developers. If you don't want to support the actions made by the devs, then don't. Obviously it's not something that bothers everyone, since some people have donated money, but if it bothers you, then don't pay.


Recycling and recontexualizing is a valid technique in art. Like how Max Ernst used collage for A Week of Kindness or how Hip-Hop artists sample and loop instrumentals from old soul/funk. I'd understand your concerns if this game was demanding money (due to the grey area of what is & isn't considered transformative), but this is a free game.