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oh this was such a nice review thank you so much! i am so so glad you enjoyed the experience! it really means a lot to have your support!

I'm really glad the whole "urban" style game has been going over so well! a few people have told me it was quite refreshing since the majority is all spooky haunted houses set in ambiguously old time periods (not that theres anything wrong with those, i love them still!) but im glad my idea to go in a different direction is well received!

im really glad you enjoyed the characters too! i spent a lot of time trying to make everyone flow realistically when talking. im glad you could find me through robo-ahoge too! i really appreciate them so much for all their support ;u;

haha im glad you were happy with the LGBT rep, i know as a LGBT person im usually bummed out by the fact theres hardly any rep.

i do hope you enjoy my games to come too ;u; im glad youre looking forward to them! ill try not to disappoint!

and one last thing, someone had messaged you about this, but i did not like their rude tone, so ill just let you know there is a rating system! there should be a box in the top corner! its a little hard to notice, but if you wanna throw a rating on it it would be much appreciated!

Oh! Thank you so much for letting me know. I've used for a short while but most all replies and comment posts I've written on mobile, so I guess I can't use the rating system. Sorry, that must have made me seem inexperienced ;-; thank you for letting me know though!