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Today I made a dialogue system. Now there's a little story in the beginning, and little notifications when something happens ("You ran away!" "You caught the <name here>!").

Current build, if anyone wants to check it out: https://goo.gl/vf27FN

To do:

  1. The Bag. Right it now just catches the Pomkeypon instantly. It is supposed to show a list of stuff in your bag that you can use.
  2. Fight. Not implemented at all. It just plays a little bounce animation. No damage is dealt. There is no moves list yet.
  3. Shops. So you can buy PKBALLs & potions. Sell Pomkeypon you don't need.
  4. Player leveling. Spawn higher level Pomkeypon for higher level players.
  5. Achievements. Players shall be awarded with hats. Because... hats.
  6. Saving. It's mostly implemented, but disabled for now as it would get in the way of development.
  7. Bug fixing. Sometimes the map just doesn't appear. Reload to fix. No idea what's going on.
I think I'll just skip the egg hatching mechanic entirely. Does anybody actually enjoy it?