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Brother, you touched my soul. Took me one hour to think about. This is only the comment section of my game but i really feel the need now to give you an answer, honestly about some deeper things. I think you absolutely got the point, not only to the stupid game story but also to the whole thing. 
Polymerikum is filled with metaphors and things connected to reality. There's a reason why i've created a chemical plant containing apartments where people have lived in and where they've grown up their children. These claustrophobic underground facilities, changing structures, disorienting stuff and patroling monsters. I feel like i'm living inside a machine. Over the last decades my whole country transformed into a cold industrial complex where working and burning out is the only way to survive. Producing tons of senseless fat suv cars, weapons and war machinery. Selling all that shit around the world and even lots of guns to countries that are known for their cruelness. I love the nature, when i was born my city was a green place and now there are factories everywhere polluting the whole environment. As programmer and artist this is my way trying to deal with these facts and maybe reach some other souls out there. 

So Yes, i created my game with much love and i wanted to bring fun to players, but i can't hide the fact, that it is full of hidden messages and metaphors not everyone is able to see. But you did. I send you much love back and may the good ghosts of our world are always be with you :-)