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The art is insanely gorgeous. I really enjoy the premise and setting, and the intro cutscene is perfect. I love the vibe of the music, especially in the intro.

Some criticisms:

After about 20 minutes, gems have apparently stopped spawning entirely. The last several trips, I have wandered around until I ran out of fuel without seeing a single gem.

There doesn't seem to be any purpose to resting. 

I agree with the others that food is way too scarce. 

I also agree that the current navigation system of clicking on invisible markers is frustrating.

It is very unclear how to tell where I can advance to another area. I'll often get to the edge of an area expecting to get the prompt to move on, but instead get nothing.

While it's understandable for a demo, I think moving forward the most important thing should be giving the players more reason to explore the world.


Great feedback, thank you. Some of your criticisms are due to there being no explicit tutorial. For instance, there is a purpose to resting, which is actually linked to the spawning gems. But those things will come more into focus down the line.

Your last point about giving players more reason to explore is absolutely correct. This demo is very low on content and is missing at least three specific mechanics that the final version will have. We'll have a solid update coming in the next month that will address those issues first and foremost.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts!