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Yes, thank you! This may be the first time I've heard this kind of in-depth feedback from someone who also expresses a strong understanding of what the game is going for.

"It's just like on the game itself: you are alone and know nothing about that world. And the player having the same approach to me is what makes the identity of this game and makes me want to play it again."

This is exactly on point to what we want to do with this game, and I love that it came across. At the same time, your comments are super helpful. A few responses for you:

  • The one problem you described about the energy decreasing even while standing still, as well as getting stuck, is definitely a bug. I'll make a note to fix that.
  • Also making a note to make it possible to move back to land from the starting point.
  • Certain aspects of the food system aren't fully fleshed out, which is why it's not clear about some of the food disappearing, but will be soon. FYI: there are currently two types of food to find, and only one of them doesn't "survive" when you're out of the water.

There will definitely be updates made to this demo, which should be published sometime next month. Thanks again for this great feedback!