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How cute, let me hug you  :-) good guy. I think i know what you mean and i really appreciate your amazing work.
And with the chair you're maybe right because i am the pizza monster and really big.

So the first great shock was in the toxic underground where your fckng tentacle monster  blasted out of the chemical waste. My heart! One hour later i ignored the warning signs and switched on my flashlight. Your damn beast  directly rushed into my face. That made me jump so hard that my chair bursted into pieces under my ass. No joke. I was really nervous the whole time because of that strong atmosphere. You have a  great sense for sound, lighing and creating immersive scenes. Thanks again for the nightmare and keep on developing.

Last point: Yes Ravee! Seriously! I already sent you a pm. I know that you germans like to come over here to party. So come  with your friends and lets have a ravy weekend. Oh Holy Shit! is this what your username and label means?! Ravee! Da Hell! i am genious...

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Yep got it. Thank you bro, i can't wait for the weekend in amsterdam. I feel the need to fadein a warning when the game loads that i'm not responsible for destructed furniture :-) And congrats, you got the logical link and you're the first one after 15 years ;-) Have a nice night.