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Hello there. This game was very interesting and the concept behind it is quite good so far. However, there were a few issues that I would like to talk about.

For me, the picking up of items and using the items were quite difficult as you can see in my video where I had a section at which I cannot pick up items properly for a whole 3 mins or so but if it is only me then you can ignore this.

I felt that the story can be slightly more developed, maybe with visual images or short flashes of the event when Isabelle was killed and resurrected (SPOILER). I feel that that will further enhance the horror element in the game and provide more information on how Isabelle looked like and act like.

I also feel that maybe more horror parts can be added in the game as for me, I do not really get scared easily and out of the entire game, I felt that only the last part where I am about to get out, suddenly someone is pulling me (SPOILER) away from the exit and it was a witch. That was the only part that left a deep impression on me in the game but it was a very good job in the ending of Isabelle.

Overall, I really like the concept of the game and I hope more information about Isabelle can be shown or maybe add a few more books with slighly more detailed explaination on the event. Hope the game Isabelle can become better and more detailed in the future :). Good Luck!

Here is Part 1 of my gameplay of Isabelle. Please support my channel and thank you so much for developing the game.