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Haha, that was a lovely small little game!

And as you say in the game, the most important thing is that you had fun while doing it!
Really great job!
Some feedback:
- The ground could use some kind of texture, it was hard knowing if you where moving or standing still since there was no sensse of movement when the ground was entirely covering the screen.
- Sometimes the text was hard to read and disappeared quite fast, I think it would've been better if me as a player had the opportunity to decide myself when to go to the next scene.

But overall great job, really glad that you decided to submit your game, made me smile :)!

Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it.

I definitely agree with you on the ground textures and will work on making movement more obvious if and when I decide to turn this into a full, actually good game.

As for the text I agree with you on the speed, sometimes it disappeared way too fast.  I'm not quite sure why the text has a weird fading out animation as when I made it it was snappy and meant to look like it was jiggling around. I will definitely fix the speed and animation if and when I get to making this into a full project :)